1. Students are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to classes commencing
  2. Contracts must be signed and 50 % paid before commencement of the course.
  3. Students must notify the school if they cannot attend classes on a particular day and give a valid reason. Please not that a minimum of 1200 hours is essential before examinations can be performed.
  4. Students will be working in a salon for practical experience with no remuneration
  5. If a student would like to work on a Saturday morning or anytime during the holiday a small salary will be paid
  6. After hours or during the holidays students are expected to try and work on their own and are free to earn from their clients
  7. No smoking or chewing gum will be allowed. Uniforms will be worn everyday. No jewelery i.e dangling earings, bracelets,necklaces, watches. Ear studs or sleepers, weeding band only permitted.
  8. No student may use salon equipment or make up for personal use unless permission given.
  9. Students must remain on the premises until all clients are finished unless special permission is given and students are expected to see that the cubicle and salon is clean and neat before departure.
  10. Students to bring consumable stock each term, cotton wool, tissue rolls, surgical spirit, cotton buds and bed rolls
  11. Students my not use school stationery ( envelopes, letterheads etc) for personal use and no telephone calls unless they are for medical reasons or for parents. The phone cannot be used for personal chatty calls. Cellphones are not permitted in class.
  12. Taking into consideration that some of the equipment to be used has an adverse on the unborn child and any student who becomes pregnant within the first six (6) months from commencement of the course shall without notice be expelled from and no longer attend the course. However she or her guardian/sponsor shall be liable to pay the full fee for the year’s course.

Should any student fail to comply with the terms and conditions set out above or conduct herself in such a way as to bring disrepute to the school or misconduct herself in any way whatsoever the Principal shall have the right to suspend or expel such student from the course without notice whereupon in the case of expulsion such student or her guardian shall be liable to pay pro rata fees for the course to the date of expulsion together with one months additional fees.